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Welcome to Corporate Staffing Services! Thank you for visiting! We appreciate you!

Stepping Beyond the Boundaries of Temporary Service!

Corporate Staffing Services is one of the leading temporary staffing and payroll services provider in the southeastern United States.

We're Glad You Came!

Your company is our #1 reason to keep CSS on the cutting edge of the staffing industry in the southeastern USA.

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Our other services include Administrative, Logistics, Workers Compensation, and More. Click Here To View All Of Our Services.

Why Choose CSS

Prepared to Staff

Acquire the expertise of a personnel department under one roof.

Partners in Saving

Help employers control their labor costs.

Benefits Provider

Bring group benefits to employees & their families and extend more benefits options.

Retention Matters

Attract and retain better qualified employees.

Reduce Paper

Reduce the paperwork burden of administering employees in a personnel/human resources system.

No Challenge Too Big

Help smaller employers deal with government compliance issues.

Audit Preparedness

Reduce government and insurance auditing compliance issues to fewer employers.

Relationship Leveraging

Help employers obtain employee services from a single provider using economies of scale.

Convenient Payroll Process

Client only writes one check for each pay period.